Sad News

Ron Kurz, Ann Dillon’s husband died this morning. He passed without pain or struggle. We will all miss his quiet presence, seemingly always with a book in his hand.

Ann Dillon

118 Kimball Road

Hancock, NH 03449

My Blog has moved…

In the interest of tidying things up, with loads of help from Cynthia Tinapple, I have a new updated web site that includes my if you have landed here, you will want to visit here =lindlyhauanani,com


Cleaning, Clearing and Organizing…

In the past few months- with a lot of support from my cheerleaders, supporters and “hands on” coaches- I have been doing a lot of clearing, cleaning and organizing. Last Monday I sorted through all of my clay which included

  • five  trays of canes, mostly simple dots in an array of colors- some several years old
  • four gallon zip lock bags of cane ends and scraps sorted by color
  • hundreds of sample packs of FIMO, FIMO Soft, Kato and Studio clay
  • almost ten pounds of  after the workshop bits and snippets of clay

I ended up keeping just the colors I use, canes that were less than six months old and colors I might use to make color samples. After packing up a couple of bags of scrap for friends to use as bead guts, a “surprise” box for Leslie Blackford- I donated the rest to a local school arts program.

It feels wonderful to have lightened my studio and “cleared the deck” for new things to come.

Colorful Inspirations…

Martha Aleo- Ornamento–  from Philadelphia has been blogging about her results of following along with the exercises in our book, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations… it is thrilling to see her becoming more confident about making color choices in her work.

Confident Color DVD…

Confident Color -Exploring Textile Patterns
Now Shipping! A 2 DVD set, nearly 4 hours of great, innovative ideas from Lindly!

Learn how to add harmony to your work with increased color confidence while learning valuable bench tricks and techniques for working with polymer clay. Lindly will walk you through making a series of color coordinated stripe blends that will be used to make eleven different laminated textile inspired patterns including: Ikat, Seminole Stripes and Flame stitch.

Runtime: Disc 1: 120 mins Disc 2: 97 mins Total length 3Hrs 37 mins on 2 DVD’s

Upcoming Workshop in New York City…

 Confident Color/ Tropical Flower Inspirations
Two day workshop with Lindly Haunani
Saturday June 5th and Sunday June 6th, 2010

For registration details please visit the New York City Polymer Clay Guild’s web site here

 Make a sumptuous tropical floral arrangement using simple polymer clay canes that can be used as a focal point for a necklace or be worn as a brooch. Several of the most amazing, inspiring joys of nature including torch ginger, birds of paradise, orchids, ferns and palm fronds will provide inspiration.

Lindly will walk you through designing and mixing a cohesive color scheme that includes lights, darks, petals, leaves and appropriate background colors for your cane collages.

Then learn how to construct the blended canes and practice some useful sculpting strategies. Pulling the assemblage together, as a series of wearable color sample brooches will be part of the fun learning experience

Join Lindly Haunani, a nationally recognized colorist for a fun and illuminating weekend workshop. While you may know just what colors you like, exactly how to mix them, using them in harmonious combinations can be challenging. Learn how to add impact to your polymer clay work with increased color confidence. Ask questions, be ready to laugh and increase your color confidence.

This workshop is appropriate for a beginner or as a refresher/expansion course for the more experienced polymer clay artist. 

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Colors of Spring….

  • I enjoy visiting sites that take photographs, web sites or paintings and then break down the color schemes down  into stripes… today is the first real “spring-like” day here in Washington DC and here are some spring inspired palettes


Upcoming Workshop In Atlanta

I will be teaching my Mokume Gane Survey Workshop= Mokume X Five on May 1st and 2nd, 2010 – more information and registration details may be found here.

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Upcoming Workshop in San Diego

I will be teaching Textile Inspirations: Stripe Blends Gone Wild in San Diego on April 17th & 18th – more information can be found here

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It is Snowing (again) …

Just as the Washington DC area is digging out from two major snow storms within  a week (and the accompanying cabin fever) … it is snowing again! I am looking forward to the Cabin Fever Clay Fest  in Laurel this weekend and Synergy2 in Baltimore the next week!

I am still recovering from my surgery and getting stronger each day. I am grateful for all of the support I have received throughout the past couple of months and have enjoyed the calls, emails, cards and flowers!


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