Try Something “Old”

Last month I  wrote a post about trying something “new”. Last week I did try something new and my tongue is still burning!

 I was intrigued by an article on the front page of the Washington Post’s  Food section. “Like a taste that Tingles? Then this Bud’s for you”  which was about the Esquire Magazine’s top new food product of the Year, Sechuan Buttons . sechuan-buttons.jpgAs I read on I became even more intrigued as I love hot peppers., Pop-Rocks make me smile and I like to try new foods. Near the end of the article I noticed that the Chef I work for was one of the Chef’s mentioned in the article. Five minutes later I had my first (and hopefully last taste)  of this stunning new food trend. The texture is similar to beer hops, the sensation on the tongue is what I would imagine if one licked a nine volt battery, the finish is not “cool and refreshing” and I can’t imagine it combined with any other food beyond “the weirdest Martini you’ll ever try.

Instead of tasting something new, why not re-visit an older piece in your studio. Depending on how long you have been working with polymer clay, this could be something from 1995 or last weekend’s project. What was your original inspiration and impetus to make this piece? Write your  answers to these questions down. Then with a fresh eye, in the spirit of tasting something new, take a moment to really look at your piece.

  • If you could do it over again, what would you do differently?
  • Would altering the scale, making it much larger or smaller, be an improvement?
  • Do some of the colors you have used need adjustment? 
  • Would the piece look better with brighter colors, more subdued colors, completely different colors or less referential colors?
  • Are there design changes that would make the oiece more functional, wearable, durable and/or aesthetically pleasing

Perhaps merely “tasting” these ideas is enough? Or you may be inspired to do something new from something “old”.


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