Stroll Down Memory Lane…

Now that the delivery is complete, I can sigh with relief….and delight in the fantastic “stroll through polymer clay history”, Elise and I took as we unpacked Nan Roche’s polymer clay collection in anticipation of photo documentation and cataloguing. Stay tuned for more information on the exciting project that Elise is working on now…

Santa Fe Necklace

I must admit I was laughing as Nan And I made the transfer from her van to my trunk last week in Maryland. In order to fit the four large boxes jammed packed with Nan’s polymer clay collection, I had to remove eight pasta machines and a full sized convection oven. I also had to restrain myself from looking into the boxes prior to their delivery in NJ, even though I have had the opportunity to view Nan’s vast collection of polymer clay work in the past. Nan’s collection is vast and diverse, spanning over twenty years of collecting and includes seminal works from many of the polymer clay artistic pioneers= Kathleen Dustin,Cynthia Toops, Pier Voulkos, Victorie Hughes, Kathleen Amt, Steven Ford and David Forlano.

Which leads me to wonder, their certainly have been many collectors of polymer clay art over the years… who has the largest collection? the most diverse? the most specialized collection? = perhaps just one artist, just beads, just dolls, just wall hangings? Do you collect polymer clay art?


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