Hands On…

Hands onLast Saturday I taught a workshop in Annandale, Virginia. The format for these three hour Artful Afternoons differs for many of the workshops that I teach in that I bring all the equipment, the supplies and present a project that is completely doable within the three hour time frame, One of the most rewarding aspects is that often there are participants that have never worked with polymer clay before.

Each time, I learn something new. Often I am reminded about an important teaching concept- this time it was the importance of intention and involving ones whole body when working with the clay. Many times the best way to do this is to actually put ones hand on top of the students and let them feel the movement, intensity and result.

While reading books and watching videos can be very informational- the way I actually learned to knead bread, play my Tibetan bowls,massage a tense neck, saute onions, condition clay and a reduce a cane- was when a teacher was willing to let me “feel” hands on what was happening.


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