Essential Tool…

oven-thermometer.jpgGizmo=Programmable digital oven thermometer with probe and remote pager…probably great for someone doing heavy duty BBQ or baking

Essential tool,for polymer clay artists = a set of two Mercury thermometers to be used in calibrating your curing oven and to check temperature during curing. More often than not, the temperature dial that comes with your oven can be off from anywhere from 5-25 degrees, which can make a big difference in your baking outcomes.

To calibrate an oven;

  • place two thermometers spaced as afar apart as possible and turn the oven on after setting the Dial to the desired temperature. Continue to check the oven in five minute intervals for a half hour.
  • Is there a preheat cycle in your oven that caused the temperature to spike? If the oven is too hot or too cold, adjust the temperature dial.
  • Recheck at five minute intervals for another half hour, making any minute adjustments you may need to the temperature dial
  • Move the thermometers to different locations in the oven= you are checking for hot spots.
  • Note exactly were you Dial is set – if this is a group situation you may want to tape the setting in place with duct tape. A helpful paaserby may decide to move the Dial since it is not set at the “right” temperature.
  • Any time you move your oven, you will want to re-calibrate it

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