Worth Having Two…

microplane.jpgMicroplane’s were originally designed to used a carpenter’s tools. Luckily, an avid cook discovered that they could be very useful in the kitchen for grating spices, ginger, citrus zests and Parmesan cheese. The teeth on these microplanes are much sharper than those on most box graters. When I received another two as gifts one year, at first I was a little disappointed (after all who needs three in the kitchen?)

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried grating polymer clay with one of my non-kitchen microplanes. There are times when the color combination on a surface needs to be spiced up a bit or obliterated/masked a bit. A good way to do this is to liberally grate several contrasting colors of clay over the top of your piece. These “crumbs” can then be burnished flat or lightly tapped in place to maintain a subtle surface texture.

  • Old,, crumbly dried clay works best for this technique
  • I use a stiff brass BBQ cleaning brush to clean my rasp between uses
  • Wire mesh screen strainers from the dollar store will work as well
  • Large gauge metal window screening is a great alternative for classroom situations.

At less than ten dollars, its worth having two…one for the kitchen and one for the studio.


2 Responses to “Worth Having Two…”

  1. 1 lotus December 3, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    Great idea…I am on my way now down to the basement to dig through my husbands tools….he won’t miss them.. 🙂 L


  2. 2 Jean December 24, 2007 at 2:30 pm

    Christi Friesen also alerted me to using white clay with a tiny pinch of blue to grate for snow. Liquid clay before or clue after baking keeps it on and it looks “grate”.

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