Wishing YOU a Colorful New Year…

colors2.jpgI would like to wish each and everyone of you a happy, generous, healthy, happy and colorful new year.

Looking forward, as usual,  I anticipate seeing many new incredible developments in the world of polymer clay = new artists, new techniques, refinements of “old” techniques and an increasing abundance of resources being available to all of us  via the web. It is with great enthusiasm that I look forward to seeing the new work being done by the artists in our community and revisitng, the albeit short, but colorful history of our medium.

 Looking back, I am continued to be amazed as things have evolved. For example: The first three POLYinforMER’s  (National Polymer Clay Guild newsletter)  that I put together were four pages each. Cut and pasted from Dover clip art, an electric typewriter, more  white out than I ever could have imagined …using  rubber cement, they certainly weren’t high tech! Now the National Polymer Clay Guild has an incredible web site, there are dozens of polymer-centric blogs and thousands of artists’ web sites that include galleries, tutorials, resource links and directly attest to the ongoing fascination that we all share for this incredible medium.


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