Colorful Diet…

Eating by ColorAfter receiving a fabulous new cookbook from Maggie Maggio as a Christmas gift= Eating by Color, I have been doing a little more research on this sub-genre of  nutritional trends and cookbooks.

 While most photo illustrated cookbooks are ostensibly about successful photographic color combinations…it is an interesting notion to include a rainbow of colors in your diet. One on-line article that i found was from the CBS Early Morning Show. Embedded in the article is the ability to research any of the included words by double clicking on that word…

Here is part of what appeared when I double clicked COLOR

“Different complex spectral distributions usually, but not always, look different. Suitable amounts of short-, middle-, and long-wavelength lights, if additively mixed, can for example excite the R, G, and B cones exactly as does a light containing equal energy at all wavelengths. As a result, both stimuli look the same. This is an extreme example of the subjective identity of physically different stimuli known as chromaticmetamerism. Additive mixture is achievable by optical superposition, rapid alternation at frequencies too high for the visual system to follow, or (as in color television) by the juxtaposition of very small elements which make up a field structure so fine as to exceed the limits of visual acuity

OKIE-DORKIER!!! Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables seems a lot easier to get my head around. So, have a colorful meal or two today as YOU celebrate your rainbow-self.


1 Response to “Colorful Diet…”

  1. 1 dragonsglass January 9, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    oy….whats that all mean in plain english? LOL. I agree…I wil just eat my fruit and veggies because their colors are beautiful.

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