The Color of Space…?

spaceOne of my favorite color inspiration collages is predominately made up of faded indigo and medium valued desaturated orange and many of the magazine clippings used to make this collage came from an article in Science magazine featuring pictures from the planet Mars. Since Mars has been relatively close to earth these past few years-when sky gazing, I wasn’t sure if what I was seeing was the reflection of the sun or a direct indication of massive amounts of iron oxide. I have also been fascinated by the images that have been transmitted by the International Space Station and the Hubble telescope, as the color combinations often seem other-worldly and incredibly stunning! Turns out there is a Hubble Telescope color palette and this web site offers explanation=

“But, do you really need to make the images true color? There is often information that can be gained by making one or another part of the image dominate. For example, if you look at a nebula in one wavelength, say that given off by hydrogen as it deionizes, then you can see where the ionized hydrogen is in the nebula. And, you can even use different spectral lines to represent different colors. That is often done to produce the amazing images that you see from professional observatories or space based telescopes. It is important to note that these are virtually always false color images. A common color scheme is the Hubble palette(since many HST images are released using it). The Hubble palette is what Steve Tuttle used in the image at the top of this posting. The Hubble palette uses images from three narrow line filters, S II, Hα ,and O III, to be the red, green, and blue parts of the image.”

Colorful food for thought, indeed!


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