Colorful Stats…

stats1.jpgYES! I will readily admit to regularly checking my blog stats, often…and sometimes I am puzzled and/or amused by the results. Seemingly my “worst” days are Sundays, followed by a definitive spike on Mondays…which makes me wonder how many people read blogs while they are at work? Judy Dunn posted an excellent piece “Stepping on the Blog Scale” on Artrepreneur: The Collision of Art and Business. Equally fascinating to me is the feature of seeing what search engine terms are being used to find my site. Search engine terms such as “polymer clay workshops” = which can be found by navigating the tabs on the bottom of the header on my blog or “how to cut polymer clay” see posts on slicing and dicing here. So, if you are wondering just where this is all leading…today’s search engine query that caught my eye was “$10 pasta machines” Optimistic, yes…but I have heard of people finding $5  Atlas pasta machines at yard sales and I have had people relate their personal stories about how a “pasta goddess” machine made in China and purchased using several discount coupons served them well for several frisky years of rolling polymer clay…


  • to YOUR pasta machine= one of the biggest investments you will be making in terms of tools to work with polymer clay- don’t “ask” it to do things it wasn’t designed to do
  • to YOUR hands = pain free, flexible and sturdy
  • to YOUR artistic spirit= are unreasonable expectations, the fear of trying new things or distraction hampering your artistic growth?

Speaking of distraction…I’m supposed to be packing for Synergy in Baltimore!


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