Colorful Faucet…

One of the most wonderful aspects of my summers is that I teach polymer clay to 8-11 year old students at an art camp at The Art League School in Alexandria, VA. Each session I am inspired and refreshed by the enthusiasm and “fearlessness” the kids exhibit when experimenting with the clay.


And usually I learn something new from the children! Several years ago, while I was demonstrating  just how to cut the window neatly out of a single hole light switch plate using a bamboo skewer…one of the students Stuart piped in… “in most of our houses, we have electronically laser controlled lighting systems” OK. (so the only person in the room that lives in a one bedroom apartment with painted over one switch light plate covers is the art teacher?) OK. so perhaps I am a little behind times and this year we are doing a different project.

So, color changing faucets with LED read-outs? Would you prefer to wash your face with blue, red or purple water? And now you can tell exactly what temperature the shower is running at…with colorful feedback…

“Hansacanyon is pure design and technology excellence. Form – uncompromising, extravagant and exciting; function – a brand new concept in water flow: an open, visible watercourse spout. And along the way, the water stream is illuminated and varies its colour from cool blue into a warm red according to temperature. The entire operation of the Hansacanyon is electronically controlled with sensor buttons. With its strict, unusually clear profile, Hansacanyon becomes even more: it becomes an object that throws an entirely new light on the interpretation of the water experience.”

So, how about a pasta machine that blinks green when YOUR clay is conditioned? Remember the  amount of time it takes to mix two colors of polymer clay together is exactly the same amount of time it takes to condition the clay = why not custom mix all of your colors?



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