Overlapping Galaxy Colors…

This  link piqued my interest= The Color of Overlapping Galaxies and the explaination of the color filters used to take the pictures is fascinating posted by Bill Keel … “For most of these galaxies, we took images in two filters – the B band (blue), which lies between the SDSS u and g filters, and the I filter, which used to stand for infrared but nowadays (with the proliferation of genuine infrared imagers at much longer wavelengths) we think of as a red just a bit too deep for our eyes to see. Making a color image takes three filters, not just two. Fortunately, the colors of most galaxies are so well-behaved that we can synthesize the middle filter (green) from the two we have; this is something done pretty often with Hubble images as well. I then pasted the three colors ether using a brightness mapping that is logarithmic starting slightly below the sky-brightness level and consistent across the various galaxies – this ends up much like the familiar SDSS color display.”

…and why does this remind me of “Blows Against the Empire” by Jefferson Starship? is  this because of the concert I went to in 1972 or the overlapping colored galaxy effect? IPOD, Google and light gentle breezes? Have a great day and spend some time out on the “Stardeck”!


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