Colorful July Flowers…

Here is a sizzling summerliscious color combination- blue violet, violet, fuchsia and yellow orange- just in case you are looking for inspiration for your next polymer clay cane.

While I was researching the July flower of the month, I noticed that many of the sites listed two flowers for the month of July- Larkspur and Water Lilies. I am not sure if this because of differing traditions? Or as simple as Water Lilies aren’t easily shippable via My choice is the beautiful, elegant and wondrous Water Lily.

There are  70 different species of water lilies, including  night, tropical and hardy. Night lilies bloom in the night. Tropical lilies grow best  in tropical climates and bloom at all times of the day. The most common are the hardy water lilies as they can withstand most growing conditions.

The water lily has long, stout leaves and long flower stalks. There are usually six petals and six bright yellow stamen.  Water lilies are also able to reproduce by budding in the roots, which detach and grow into new water lilies.

  • Water lilies motifs appeared frequently in ancient Egyptian art.
  • The largest water lily is the Giant Water Lily. It can be found in the Amazon. It can grow to be 2 feet to 6 feet in diameter. It provides food for fish and wildlife.
  • The Yellow Lily’s roots are sometimes eaten. White Lily’s roots are used to treat sore mouths. Burning water lily root smoke repels insects.
  • Claude Monet painted over seventy “water lily paintings” throughout his life.



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