Colorful Packing…

This afternoon a fellow artist asked for my advice in regards to preparing and packing for her first out of town polymer clay workshop… about a half hour into the conversation I realized I had yet to mention one VERY important tool that I always use when travelling to teach = a speed clamp for my pasta machine! These are sometimes referred to as “quick grips” and are available in the wood workers section of most large hardware stores.

The C-clamp that comes with your pasta machine has a limited range of clamping ability, the threading on the clamp is easily striped (shredded and unusable) and not being able to secure your pasta machine at a workshop can be extremely frustrating.

I always keep two speed clamps in my teaching suitcase – that way whether the demo area is an ultra-thin banquet table or a six inch deep biology lab surface – I know can I set up my pasta machine securely.


1 Response to “Colorful Packing…”

  1. 1 Barbara Forbes-Lyons September 8, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Another must-have for me is a small (about 1″) board to fit under the pasta machine OR under the table for the clamps. Sometimes the tables at workshops are in less than stellar condition and you don’t really have an adequate or stable clamping surface for your pasta machine.

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