Almost Perfect Color Mixing…

azI was looking over my blog statistics this evening and was surprised to find that the second most searched for article was last year’s April Fool’s day post!

Last weekend I taught a workshop for the Arizona Designers Craftsmen in Tucson, Arizona… if you live in that area or plan to visit, check out their web site, as they have excellent facilities and host many different kinds of workshops that would be of interest to jewelry designers. For example: last month they hosted Nancy Worden.

Halfway into the workshop I noticed that the stripe blends that I was mixing were getting more and more desaturated…then I realized that when I gave this workshop in Florida my demo colors became brighter and brighter, until they included a yellow that was a mixture of  half cadmium yellow and half neon yellow and the “red” became a mixture of half fuchsia and half neon pink. These two primaries were then tempered with 25% white before making my blends. Last month in Kentucky my demo colors were “softer” and hinted of the beginning of the burgeoningof spring – Cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue and fucshia- with about 10% mud= equal parts of these three primaries.

green100And in Tucson, I was using these same three primaries with 10% white and almost 20% mud. While this is not my usual palette, I realized on the drive back to my home-stay, I had been mixing the colors seen in the local landscape! Wonder what I will be mixing for my demo in Boston?

Special thanks are in order to my lovely hostess Pat Glover  and Barbara Sosna of the Tucson Polymer Clay Guild- who generously loaned her convection oven to the group for the weekend.


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