Black Garlic and Purple Asparagus…



When I think of garlic… black garlic is not something that immediately comes to my mind. Apparently this specially fermented food product is enjoying surge in popularity among chefs and food enthusiasts.




Haunani1…and when I think of asparagus, teal green or purple  doesn’t immediate come to my mind. Despite having made asparagus pieces using unusual clor combinations before. At the moment I have engaged myself in the challenge of re-making (and presumably re-fining)  my Asparagus Crown Bracelet by making a series of five similar bracelets.

  • The first “replica” piece I made was a total “bomb”- it lacked the sponataneity, the grace and the color looked  dull and inappropriate.
  • Experiment two was more pleasing (and predictable)
  • Bracelet three incorporates a play on cool and warm greens in the tips
  • Color scheme four…well it made me uncomfortable throughout the entire process
  • Five is still on my workspace- and hopefully building on the lessons learned from the previous attempts?

Beyond my fascination of exploring asparagus inspired jewelry, which now spans 17 years- Why would I spend @ twenty hours on each bracelet to “taste” the colors? Often small auditions and color samples, while extremely helpful, don’t inform the eventual impact of a specific color combination  when used in a larger piece.

I would like to encourage you to taste black garlic, as well as “tasting”  off-beat or unexpected color combinations in your studio. Perhaps you enjoy making sunflower inspired pieces? How important are “natural” sunflower colors to your images? What would happen if you made the same thing in blue-violet or neon green?

Once I have my current experiments strung up- will post photos of the different versions.


1 Response to “Black Garlic and Purple Asparagus…”

  1. 1 Joann July 26, 2009 at 1:23 am

    I agree that the small “tastes” don’t always convey the way the colors will really work.

    I like the asparagus theme. I’m working with crystal lattice matrices from chemistry as my theme right now.

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