Upcoming Workshop In Atlanta

I will be teaching my Mokume Gane Survey Workshop= Mokume X Five on May 1st and 2nd, 2010 – more information and registration details may be found here.


Mokume Gane Survey Workshop- Mokume X Five –two day workshop

 Some say that Mokume Gane rhymes with “play with clay all day” and that is exactly what we will be doing for two days in this fun, fast paced survey of this excitingly versatile technique. You will learn valuable tricks and tips while making four different brooch styles that feature-Haunani-gane, Roche-gane, Amt-gane, Wavy-gravy gane (unfortunately NOT a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor)  and ‘end-of-the day gane”.

  Haunani Gane =Glistening, gossamer, intriguing layers of polymer clay characterize this version of Mokume Gane.which is an adaptation of an ancient layered metalworking technique. You will learn the keys to color selection, how to tint translucent clay, make a mokume block and useful strategies for multi-layered construction. Discover what works best for beads, sculptural surfaces and flat pieces that have the illusion of real depth. Explore ways to manipulate the surface finish to accentuate the beautiful designs you have created.   

Roche-gane= High contrast opaque layers manipulated from above with the matrix used to make rubber stamps. With this version of mokume gane, invented by Nan Roche, you will be exploring a southwestern palette to create stunning predictable, unpredictability and the importance of value contrasts.

Amt-gane is a version on mokume gane pioneered by Kathleen Amt where the billet is cut into and stretched to reveal ghost-like spreads of color. You will learn how to fashion a pendant or pair of earrings with this fall inspired palette. 

 Wavy-gravy gane, while not edible, is an exciting way to use a French fry cutter developed by Marie Segal to capture the magic of a simple jelly roll cane with pearly clay. You will choose from a pastel delight or metallic palette to explore this technique. 

 End-of –the day gane is proof in the recipe, that sometimes too much planning ahead can nip serendipity in the bud….

  Plan on attending with Your two magical hands, suspension of doubt and an awareness of the true Magic inherent in polymer clay- and leave with several completed projects, an increased confidence with working with color, hands-on understanding of valuable bench tricks and an enhanced understanding of Your artistic self.

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