Cleaning, Clearing and Organizing…

In the past few months- with a lot of support from my cheerleaders, supporters and “hands on” coaches- I have been doing a lot of clearing, cleaning and organizing. Last Monday I sorted through all of my clay which included

  • five  trays of canes, mostly simple dots in an array of colors- some several years old
  • four gallon zip lock bags of cane ends and scraps sorted by color
  • hundreds of sample packs of FIMO, FIMO Soft, Kato and Studio clay
  • almost ten pounds of  after the workshop bits and snippets of clay

I ended up keeping just the colors I use, canes that were less than six months old and colors I might use to make color samples. After packing up a couple of bags of scrap for friends to use as bead guts, a “surprise” box for Leslie Blackford- I donated the rest to a local school arts program.

It feels wonderful to have lightened my studio and “cleared the deck” for new things to come.

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September 2010

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