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Black Garlic and Purple Asparagus…



When I think of garlic… black garlic is not something that immediately comes to my mind. Apparently this specially fermented food product is enjoying surge in popularity among chefs and food enthusiasts.




Haunani1…and when I think of asparagus, teal green or purple  doesn’t immediate come to my mind. Despite having made asparagus pieces using unusual clor combinations before. At the moment I have engaged myself in the challenge of re-making (and presumably re-fining)  my Asparagus Crown Bracelet by making a series of five similar bracelets.

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Colorful Experiment…

petals1Last month Judy Dunn launched a chain letter  interview experiment for her blog, Artpreneur. As one of the contributors it was interesting to watch the project evolve, as all of the artists that participated were CC’d in via email  on the unfolding interview.

” It began with a question. A question to another artist/entrepreneur. She in turn, asked a question to another artist/entrepreneur. And so a chain was begun. Each person answering a question, then turning to another with a question.”

I hope the experiment continues, wish I’d thought of “that” and look forward to seeing the project evolve.

Colorful Blog…

mawc1Here is a wonderful color blog  -hosted Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman- =along with information on ordering her new book- More Alive with Color.

Lee has written seven books on color.  She is the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, the director of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training and a color/design consultant to many industries.  Fortune Magazine has named her as one of the 10 top decision makers for her work in color and she is widely quoted in the media.

Thanks to Maureen Thomas for sending me this link- which she found in an article  “Curious about Color” in the Costco members magazine.

Colorful Prussian Blue…

renoir1 Luncheon of the Boating Party by Susan Vreeland. I bought this book as a holiday gift for a dear friend,who is an art historian (and may have already read this book) . I couldn’t resist reading it first…which wouldn’t have been so bad= slightly creased pages-except that I was eating a chocoalate bar at the time….

I have been able to visit this painting frequently at the Phillips Collection here in Washington DC. My favorite part is the way the colors glow in the wine glasses and the way the paint is laid down seems so magically “casual”.

What fascinated me about the book was the references to Renoir’s  life and his models at the time he painted the Luncheon- including the menues served before the posing began, insights into his creative process and the influence of his fellow Impressionists- especially in regards to color. His use of Prussian Blue in this

Colorful All Saints Day…

The day after Halloween, also known as “The Day of the Dead” celebration in Mexico and All Saints Day- moves away from the black and orange of Halloween to the bright vibrant hues of food color tinted sugar sculls …ColourLovers  has an interesting post on the history of the color pink, complete with a time line.

Hint: to mix this bright supra-saturated color using polymer clay…start with four parts magenta or fuchsia, one part white and five parts neon/fluorescent  pink.

On a semi-related topic…the color of the end of daylight savings time (to me at least) a dull, insipid grey= 3 parts white, two parts zinc yellow, one part fuchsia, one part cadmium red, two parts cobalt blue…and a looking forward to the celebration of the spring equinox and the earth pastel colors of spring … don’t forget to turn your clocks back!

Colorful Contest…

Apartment Therapy and CB2 are sponsoring their fourth annual fall colors contest- where reader’s submit photos of their rooms that have been decorated with fall color inspirations. Even if you don’t opt to vote on line…it is fun to watch the contest results evolve.


Our Fall Colors Contest is a contest for all color lovers, worldwide. In October, we’re looking for the most colorful, most beautiful home on the planet.

Color is one of the most powerful ingredients of successful interior design and the most affordable way to change a room, but few feel comfortable using it. To inspire confidence and improve homes, we’re inviting readers to share their colorful homes, tips and sources. “

Color Personality Test(s)…

Perhaps someday soon I will come across a site that has a “test” to determine just how many on line personality tests I have taken? Never-the-less here is another interesting on line color test at

“Test color can generate over 50 million different answers, each one written by an artificial intelligence engine for every test. Our symbolical rules are in conformance with the Freudian topics and the C.G. Jung’s typology. They all have been validated by a group of 800 people and by over 1 800 000 on line tests.” Continue reading ‘Color Personality Test(s)…’


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