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Colorful Inspirations…

Martha Aleo- Ornamento–  from Philadelphia has been blogging about her results of following along with the exercises in our book, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations… it is thrilling to see her becoming more confident about making color choices in her work.

Upcoming Workshop in San Diego

I will be teaching Textile Inspirations: Stripe Blends Gone Wild in San Diego on April 17th & 18th – more information can be found here

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Colorful Art Jewelry Magazine…

I just received the  newest issue  of Art Jewelry Magazine  (January 2010)  in the mail today and there are several items of interest to the polymer enthusiast…

A Conversation with Kathleen Dustin

…And a very nice mention of  our book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations. Hope you are having a colorful, peaceful holiday weekend.

Colour Lovers…

CLI am delighted to see our new book- Polymer Clay Color Inspirations– included in today’s “Eclectic Color Roundup”   – on the Colour Lovers blog.

Colour Lovers is a very interesting and dynamic site = Color + Design Community for Creative Inspiration (last count 259,353 members) and includes forums, patterns,palettes, trends, a blog and a store.

One of the recent posts that I particularily enjoyed was on the Colors of Frida Kahlo.

Colorful “Super-Sized”…

squarecutter1At the First Synergy conference in Baltimore I attended a presentation by Robert Dancik on Cold Connections– and as the room filled up to standing room only, I began to wonder just how he was going to demonstrate riveting to a crowd of that size…. and he did it be super sizing his demo materials! Even the people on the back could see an eight inch by two foot rivet tube.


squarecuttersA couple of weeks ago as I was preparing color samples for a workshop- I decided to take Roberts lead and “super sized” my samples so they would be easier for a large group to see. Instead of using a 3/4″ Kemper cutter to make some tasting tiles- I used a 2″ Ateco square cutter. These cutters are available as a set of six (1 3/8′ – 2 5/8″) and may be ordered from Polymer Clay Express.

Next time you make color samples you may want to try super sizing them- it doesn’t take that much more clay if you roll your sheets thin on a pasta machine and they are much easier to see- either in your studio or part of a class presentation.  If you are working along with the exercises in our (Maggie Maggio and myself) book- Polymer Clay Color Inspirations- having the tasting tiles in chapter Four/ Choosing Your Colors for a Project Palette   “super sized” would make them easier to see and use.

Colorful Links…

analyzingcollagecolors2Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to teach a workshop for the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild- Dancing with the Rainbow- . Two of the artists in the group have posted about their experiences on their blogs

The European polymer clay community has a new web site- Voila!  This week their design focus is “Colour” 

It has been delightful to read Jeanette Kandray’s new blog- as she works through the exercises and projects in Polymer Clay Color Inspirations- which includes her experiments with Kato clay primaries.

Our  book is featured in the November 09 issue of Crafternews– a newly launched crafts newsletter – the “Read Full Article” link brings readers to a summary of the book, sample pages, and links to reviews.

Colorful Interview…

craftcastRecently Maggie Maggio and myself were delighted to be interviewed by Allison Lee at Craftcast about our new book- Polymer Clay Color Inspirations and our shared passion for color. Although Alison indicated that she was “new” at interviewing  two  people at once,  she did a wonderful job, while asking  insightful questions.

You may listen to the interview at the Craftcast site  here or download it from iTunes here.

allisonlee2.jog“Alison Lee, host of the popular online radio show, CRAFTCAST™, has been a ‘maker’ since learning how to knit at her grandmother’s side, nurturing a life-long love affair with handcrafts that would make her Nannie proud. CRAFTCAST™ began four years ago when Lee, armed with a passion for all things handmade, the gift of gab, a keen ability to put people at ease and a warm sense of humor, began interviewing artists, crafters and individuals engaged in the business of art, posting the radio interviews on her blog. Ms. Lee, who left a successful career as a creative director to pursue her dream of inspiring other ‘makers’, is a pioneer in the world of online talk shows. People around the world are listening, downloading more than 400,000 CRAFTCAST™ episodes since the radio show’s inception! Lee’s interviews keep crafters inspired and connected to their creative cycles, complete with her weekly sign-off that affectionately reminds listeners to “get your butt in the chair and keep crafting!””

Alison is one of the presenters at the upcoming International Polymer Clay Guild Conference in Baltimore this February 24th-27th, 2010 at Synergy2

Colorful Review…

booksOur  eagerly anticipated  book “release” date of September first  is rapidly aproaching = available in your local bookstore to add to your polymer clay library .



Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes- by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio …

 In the meantime, you can read a preview  review of this book on Polymer Art Archives here.


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