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Upcoming Workshop in New York City…

 Confident Color/ Tropical Flower Inspirations
Two day workshop with Lindly Haunani
Saturday June 5th and Sunday June 6th, 2010

For registration details please visit the New York City Polymer Clay Guild’s web site here

 Make a sumptuous tropical floral arrangement using simple polymer clay canes that can be used as a focal point for a necklace or be worn as a brooch. Several of the most amazing, inspiring joys of nature including torch ginger, birds of paradise, orchids, ferns and palm fronds will provide inspiration.

Lindly will walk you through designing and mixing a cohesive color scheme that includes lights, darks, petals, leaves and appropriate background colors for your cane collages.

Then learn how to construct the blended canes and practice some useful sculpting strategies. Pulling the assemblage together, as a series of wearable color sample brooches will be part of the fun learning experience

Join Lindly Haunani, a nationally recognized colorist for a fun and illuminating weekend workshop. While you may know just what colors you like, exactly how to mix them, using them in harmonious combinations can be challenging. Learn how to add impact to your polymer clay work with increased color confidence. Ask questions, be ready to laugh and increase your color confidence.

This workshop is appropriate for a beginner or as a refresher/expansion course for the more experienced polymer clay artist. 

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Upcoming Workshop in San Diego

I will be teaching Textile Inspirations: Stripe Blends Gone Wild in San Diego on April 17th & 18th – more information can be found here

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It is Snowing (again) …

Just as the Washington DC area is digging out from two major snow storms within  a week (and the accompanying cabin fever) … it is snowing again! I am looking forward to the Cabin Fever Clay Fest  in Laurel this weekend and Synergy2 in Baltimore the next week!

I am still recovering from my surgery and getting stronger each day. I am grateful for all of the support I have received throughout the past couple of months and have enjoyed the calls, emails, cards and flowers!

Colorful Art Jewelry Magazine…

I just received the  newest issue  of Art Jewelry Magazine  (January 2010)  in the mail today and there are several items of interest to the polymer enthusiast…

A Conversation with Kathleen Dustin

…And a very nice mention of  our book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations. Hope you are having a colorful, peaceful holiday weekend.

Cabin Fever 2010 update…

BaltI’ll be teaching a pre-conference workshop at Clay Fest before heading to Synergy2 in Baltimore.  Please join us!

The CFCF early bird deadline has been extended until 30 October.  The CFCF workshops are being taught by Tony Aquino, Maureen Carlson, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Grant Diffendaffer, Dayle Doroshow, Laurie Mika, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Lisa Pavelka, Sarah Shriver, and Ronna Sarvas Weltman have spaces available for you but they are filling fast, so get your registrations in soon.  An updated workshop schedule is available on the Cabin Fever site.

Pre-conference workshops instructors include a 2-day Master class with Jeffrey Lloyd Dever (FULL), and one day workshops from Lindly Haunani (FULL), Nan Roche, Maggie Maggio, Cindy Silas, and newly added Jana Roberts Benzon.

Nowhere else can you get hands-on workshops from so many talented and experienced instructors in one place in the middle of winter!  And a portion of every registration will be donated to the Polymer Clay Project!  The Holiday Inn hotel is just 20 minutes from the BWI airport and downtown Baltimore off of Interstate 95!  Take hands-on workshops in Laurel and head to Baltimore for the Synergy sessions

Colorful Company…

brightpetaleiIn 1994 I taught a polymer clay workshop at The Florida Craftsmen’s Guild’s annual conference  in Jacksonville, Florida  and I have fond memories (and several somewhat outrageous stories)  of several aspects of that weekend conference (perhaps more later?)… one thing that really stands out in my mind is that the opening ceremonies were held in the Jacksonvile Museum of Art.  In addition to the Guild’s annual juried show being on display, there were plexiglass pedestals of the instructor’s work on display throughout the museum- and as I chatted with Paul Soldner-  I couldn’t help but notice that my pieces were on display in front of a Rauschenberg painting! I remember pinching myself and thinking  “Pay attention, this may the closest you will  ever get to being in a museum collection as a living artist.”    

Fortunately history (and Elise Winters Polymer Collection Project) has proven me wrong. Today I am delighted/thrilled/honored to say that I am one of ten artists/eleven pieces (Bright Petal Lei)  that have been added to The Museum of Fine Arts Boston’s  permanent collection.  Congratulations are in order to Rachel Carren, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Kathleen DustinVictoria Hughes, Nan Roche, Sarah Shriver, Cynthia Toops, Pier Voulkos, Elise Winters (and myself). 

To find out more about how YOU can support the Polymer Collection Project please visit Polymer Art Archive.

Colorful Collections…

cornDo you collect things? Many of us do… for example: for years I collected ceramic food inspired salt and pepper shakers (perhaps I shouldn’t put this in the past tense?). I have no illusion of ever becoming an Ebay “power seller” of collectable salt and pepper shakers   – and sometimes stand in amazement as I visit my collection which includes over  forty sets of corn on the cob salt and pepper shakers… and laugh about the dinner guest who requested salt and pepper- only to be surprised when I handed them an antique salt cellar and a battered Dansk pepper grinder (received as a going off to college gift)- ” yup! the all of the shakers on the shelf are empty” .

I first began collecting polymer in 1989 and over the ensuing years enjoyed watching my collection grow… and with growing excitement – I am watching part of my collection “grow/go” to here-to-fore unimagined venues… (hint NOT ebay or a garage sale in the sky) . You can read more about the Polymer Collection Project here.

Cabin Fever Clay Festival…

Registration for Cabin Fever Clay Festival 2010 will be opening soon…in the meantime Kathryn Ottman has started posting information about the classes on the Festival’s blog– (and take a look at last year’s events).



“CFCF 2010 is just around the corner. This will be the 3rd year of this hands-on instruction rich event. This year, we have a couple of metal clay offerings as well as many new polymer clay project classes. Pre-conference workshops will run from Friday, 19 Feb. through Sunday, 21 Feb. and include instructors Jeff Dever, Lindly Haunani, Maggie Maggio, Barbara McGuire, Nan Roche, and Cindy Silas. Additional conference fun begins on Sunday, 21 Feb. and runs through Thursday Feb. 25. Instructors include Tony Aquino, Maureen Carlson, Louise Fisher Cozzi, Dayle Doroshow, Grant Diffendaffer, Laurie Mika, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Lisa Pavelka, Sarah Shriver, and Ronna Sarvas Weltman. Registration will begin in early August. For additional information, please send an email to: or check back on the festival  blog. We hope to see you there!”

The Gift of the Color Explorers…

colorexplorers2005In November 2005,  a very special group of artists  – Dayle Doroshow, Jan Frame, Hollie Mion, Judy Kuskin, Carole Simmons and Cynthia Tinapple-  agreed to meet with  Maggie Maggio and myself  –  as “Color Explorers”.

What a  fun and illuminating week we all had at a spectacular vacation rental, The Butterfly House,  north of Santa Fe, New Mexico  …  and Yes!

  • we made margaritas and watched the sun go down on the patio
  • composed round poems and laughed while  John elegantly scribed the words down in straight lines
  • we watched water fountains gather in the midst of a couple of spectacular Tibetan singing bowls
  • made omelets from freshly gathered eggs
  • hiked the nearby mountains
  • gathered small bags  of sacred healing earth at the shrine…. Continue reading ‘The Gift of the Color Explorers…’

Colorful Kudos…

elise21Congratulations are in order to Elise Winters…she is one of the featured artists in the current issue of Ornament Magazine.-

If you are not familiar with this magazine…it is a ongoing  source of inspiration and information  to artists, collectors and galleries worldwide that are interested in wearable art, jewelry and the history of adornment = highly recommended as a magazine to subscribe to in support/stimulus to artists working in our field. Photo by Hap Sakwa.


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