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Colorful “Super-Sized”…

squarecutter1At the First Synergy conference in Baltimore I attended a presentation by Robert Dancik on Cold Connections– and as the room filled up to standing room only, I began to wonder just how he was going to demonstrate riveting to a crowd of that size…. and he did it be super sizing his demo materials! Even the people on the back could see an eight inch by two foot rivet tube.


squarecuttersA couple of weeks ago as I was preparing color samples for a workshop- I decided to take Roberts lead and “super sized” my samples so they would be easier for a large group to see. Instead of using a 3/4″ Kemper cutter to make some tasting tiles- I used a 2″ Ateco square cutter. These cutters are available as a set of six (1 3/8′ – 2 5/8″) and may be ordered from Polymer Clay Express.

Next time you make color samples you may want to try super sizing them- it doesn’t take that much more clay if you roll your sheets thin on a pasta machine and they are much easier to see- either in your studio or part of a class presentation.  If you are working along with the exercises in our (Maggie Maggio and myself) book- Polymer Clay Color Inspirations- having the tasting tiles in chapter Four/ Choosing Your Colors for a Project Palette   “super sized” would make them easier to see and use.


Cabin Fever 2010 update…

BaltI’ll be teaching a pre-conference workshop at Clay Fest before heading to Synergy2 in Baltimore.  Please join us!

The CFCF early bird deadline has been extended until 30 October.  The CFCF workshops are being taught by Tony Aquino, Maureen Carlson, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Grant Diffendaffer, Dayle Doroshow, Laurie Mika, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Lisa Pavelka, Sarah Shriver, and Ronna Sarvas Weltman have spaces available for you but they are filling fast, so get your registrations in soon.  An updated workshop schedule is available on the Cabin Fever site.

Pre-conference workshops instructors include a 2-day Master class with Jeffrey Lloyd Dever (FULL), and one day workshops from Lindly Haunani (FULL), Nan Roche, Maggie Maggio, Cindy Silas, and newly added Jana Roberts Benzon.

Nowhere else can you get hands-on workshops from so many talented and experienced instructors in one place in the middle of winter!  And a portion of every registration will be donated to the Polymer Clay Project!  The Holiday Inn hotel is just 20 minutes from the BWI airport and downtown Baltimore off of Interstate 95!  Take hands-on workshops in Laurel and head to Baltimore for the Synergy sessions

Still “Synergizing” …

Synergy Conference 2008It is hard to believe that is was two weeks ago when I was still packing to attend the National Polymer Clay Guild.s  Synergy conference in Baltimore. The conference turned out to be a resounding success, thanks to a large cadre of dedicated and visionary organizers and volunteers. For more on how the whole thing stated see Kim Cavender’s blog post on the Seeds of Synergy. Unfortunately, as I was presenting a seminar, I was unable to attend the seminar on blogging given by Cynthia Tinapple, Susan Lumoto and Alison Lee. I imagine one of their tips was keep your posts short, sweet and include no more than three links? BUT! there is a whole lot of blogging going on…..

  • Slides and Notes from Kathleen Dustin’s Presentation can be found on Elise Winter’s  site Polymer  Art Archive
  • Further reporting on the conference and Judy Dunn’s presentation “Should I or Shouldn’t I? can be found on her Arteprenuer blog
  • Insight on the Artistic Voice discussions can be found on Dalke Dorosow’s Blog Fandango
  • There are lots of fun pictures on Donna Kato’s blog- both of Synergy and Cabin Fever
  • Iris  Mishey has posted photos and reports of the conference on Her Israel based site
  • Martha Aleo the intrepid reporter for the Philadelphia area Guild took over 300 photos and is posting them on her blog Ornamento
  • Moon  Room Musing by Amy , some thoughts on preparing for the conference and a thorough reporting on each day of the conference
  • Janice Arbanel featured the Synergy Conference in her Marvelous Monday’s post this week
  • Jenn  Dorien at Duck Run has comments on the conference and pictures of her knitting
  • Libbly Mills, as usual is thoughtful and insightful and has also posted this week on the importance of backing up one’s blog
  • On page 427 ! of her  Polka Dot Creations blog Lisa Clarke has posted her observations and experiences
  • Barb Fajardo has posted about the conference on her blog
  • And in case you would enjoy some tea while you read all these posts on Karen’s site
  • You can find another post here at Eugena Topina’s blog
  • Melanie West has pictures  of the water slide decals she had at the vendor’s fair  here
  • There are some great pictures of the conferenc on Ponsawan Sila’s blog
  • Cynthia Blanton has some more pictures and great information on the seminars she attended
  • Maureen Carlson posted about Making Choices on her blog- “Whistling through the Cracks” also check out her poem about this theme
  • Don’t forget to check out Susan’s site Polymer Clay Notes
  • And don’t forget your daily visit to Polymer Clay Daily !!!

If I run lean on posting material for tomorrow’s post…perhaps I can post on “How to tell if you spend too much time surfing/reading blogs?”


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